Club NYX
Club NYX
Vrijdag is NYX

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Feed your free spirit and creative mind with a mishmash of crazy performers, intoxicating music and all different kinds of people. 3 floors with different sounds; from dancehall to hip hop, reggaeton to r&b and from afrobeats to UK funky Whatever it is, it’ll make you happy & make you dance. For sure. You love it, your friends love it and your crush from last week’s rave loves it too. Vrijdag is NYX is lekker!

Every night has one thing in common, the music is happy and ultra-danceable. We have three floors, so there’s always something for someone. The 1st area will, where as the 2nd it’s always in the HipHop/R&B/Dancehall/Reggaeton realm. Skilled DJ’s & performers, that’s a must. The 3rd area, will be a surprise every time. And sometimes we have a special 4th area.

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Our parties are:
De Danshal
Kingdom of Zamunda
Boombox 2000
So Fresh!
Yah Yah
Shelly’s Shell Down

Vrijdag is NYX

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